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The safest (and most dangerous) cars you can buy

What are the things you should consider when buying a car? Perhaps the colour? Or how good it looks when parked on your driveway? How fast it goes? … Read More
  • By Ben Hodges
  • 17 min read time
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Is it a good idea to convert your classic to electric power?

Thanks to a variety of factors, classic cars have become rather popular in recent years. Everything from tired old saloons to sleek sports cars have … Read More

The slowest sports cars ever made

Just about every auto manufacturer these days makes a ‘sports’ car, unsurprisingly the term has become somewhat diluted and now just about … Read More

The legend of the fast Nissan

The long history of Nissan starts in the 1930s when its first cars badged as Datsun’s rolled off the production line. Throughout the years, the … Read More
  • By Ben Hodges
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30 years of the Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover has existed, first as a badge and later as a brand, since 1948, but its current popularity could be said to date back to the launch of the … Read More

The classic French power behind Renault

Among the many highlights in Renault’s 120-year history is a little engine which became one of the most successful ever created in Europe. … Read More