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What car should you buy once speed limiters become standard?

The recent announcement that the EU plans to introduce mandatory speed limiters to all vehicles sold in Europe from 2022-on has been met with a broad … Read More

Yours for more than $20m: the legendary first Porsche ever built

The Type 64 - the first Porsche ever built is heading for auction with the price set to exceed £20m. The early history of Porsche is less … Read More

Awesome used SUVs for the price of a Ford Fiesta

SUVs have become the default choice for many motorists and their popularity has prompted manufacturers to introduce new models to their ranges to … Read More

Great used buys that will outlast most new cars

Most new cars tend to be sold based on their looks and claimed performance figures, few people consider what the ownership experience will be like a … Read More

Cars you should never buy without a warranty

There are many potential signs you’ve bought a car out of warranty that you shouldn’t have. These include cold sweats every time a check engine … Read More
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The cars of 2009: a decade of good, bad and ugly

Ten years is a small proportion of the average human lifetime, but it’s an age in the motor industry. In this run-down of cars launched in … Read More