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The 25 most endangered cars in Great Britain

The classic car has faced many challenges in recent times other than the usual rust, mechanical failure and other associated issues that come with … Read More
  • By Ben Hodges
  • 23 min read time
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Behind the wheels of three classic SEATs

The weather was hot, at least by the standards I’m familiar with, and the cars I was here to experience were left-hand drive and had Spanish number … Read More

Interesting daily drivers for less than a new smartphone

In 2019, if you want a tricked out, all singing, all dancing smartphone, then expect to pay well over a £1,000. As every year the latest and … Read More
  • By Ben Hodges
  • 13 min read time
  • 347 reads

Convertible coolness: sunshine fun for every budget

Whether they are called Convertibles, Cabriolets, Spiders or even Spyders, they all mean the same thing: the ability to remove the roof and take in … Read More

The worst cars made by the best manufacturers

When it comes to terrible cars most people think that it is only manufacturers of bread-and-butter cars that are at fault, and in most cases, they … Read More

The amazing evolution of car design

Even if you accept only the latest possible date for the invention of the car and ignore all prior claims, manufacturers have had over 130 years to … Read More