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Is it finally time to buy an electric car?

Even though electric cars have been around longer than the internal combustion engine, for various reasons they have not been seen as a viable option … Read More

Discovering Jaguar’s legendary XK engine

During World War II, engineers at the company which would soon change its name from SS to Jaguar worked on the design of a new engine. Known as the … Read More

Glorious Grand Tourers for 10 grand

Just the name ‘Grand Tourer’ is enough to set one’s imagination off on a fun-filled journey across Europe, scything along smooth motorways at … Read More

Classic cars to look out for in 2019

The classic car market, in general, has been on a sustained high for almost a decade now and a lot of previously unloved cars have been swept up … Read More

Every single time Alpina made a better version of a BMW

In 1962, Alpina started with the development of a Weber dual carburettor for the BMW 150. This made BMW sit up and take notice, as two short years … Read More
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The most iconic German cars ever made

A ‘best of’ list is by its very nature a compromised mix of objective and subjective factors tinged with the tastes of the person compiling that … Read More