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Testing a classic: driving the iconic Porsche 356

It may seem unwise to test a valuable classic car like this immaculate Porsche 356 at a motorsport venue, but I have three good reasons. First, since … Read More

Volvo XC40 review: punchy three-pot petrol version driven

Volvo's smallest SUV made the biggest impact when it was unveiled in late 2017. Critically acclaimed, it picked up several awards including the … Read More

The Honda NSX – why driving a legend is a bucket list moment

Can the original NSX still hold its own today? From the bygone era known as 2005, the original Honda NSX has a 3.2-litre naturally aspirated … Read More
  • By Ben Hodges
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Ways you can show your car you care about it this Winter

If your local weather is harsh during the winter, prepping your car might be necessary for it to continue functioning. Cold weather takes a toll on … Read More

Ford Focus review: big-selling hatch regains mojo

Twenty years on from the launch of the game-changing Ford Focus Mk1 comes the fourth-generation car. And the good news is that Ford's big-selling … Read More

Will flying cars dominate the future urban landscape?

For almost two hundred years, humans have been dreaming of a vehicle which works equally well on the ground and in the air. While trying to achieve … Read More