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Kia Ceed GT review: practical hatchback gets sporty

When Kia launched the third generation Ceed family hatchback in 2018, it was a big step up from the previous model. In line with the South Korean's … Read More

Volvo S60 review: new Scandi saloon is a class act

Volvo is on a roll and the all-new S60 is further proof. Completing the current award-winning range of SUVs, saloons and estates, it’s another … Read More

3 Things to Do to Keep Your Windshield in Great Condition

The attention that a car gets from its owners should be enough to not only keep its engine in good condition but also to maintain the look and … Read More
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On-Road Safety for Employees: What You Need to Know

Vehicle safety for employees remains a critical issue, especially in sectors where driving is part of the job description. It's critical in the sense … Read More
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MG ZS review: bargain SUV is a revelation

Badge snobbery is all very well, but if you're on a tight budget, value for money and peace of mind are the main priorities. The MG ZS is a great … Read More

How music can maximize your road trip experience

Road tripping is a dream way of spending holidays for many. Some find it thrilling because of the picturesque views and the surrounding wilderness, … Read More