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10 Things You Should Know About The 2017 SEAT Leon

SEAT - Spain's only major car manufacturer but part of the very large Volkswagen Group - has long described the medium-sized Leon as one of its … Read More

Your 12-part guide to the magic of four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive used to be something people would never encounter from one end of their motoring lives to the other. They knew it was useful for … Read More

10 Things You Should Know About The Audi A5

The second Audi A5 is very much the modern equivalent of what the first one was when it was introduced in 2007: a close relative of the A4 designed … Read More

10 Things You Should Know About The McLaren 650S

The 650S is part of McLaren Automotive's Super Series, and therefore distinct from the slightly tamer (though still extremely fast) Sports Series … Read More

Fleet options: 40 of the best company cars

Around half the cars sold in the UK every year are company cars - that's some 1.3 million vehicles based on 2015 registrations. Ideally, company … Read More

Top 10 most reliable family cars

The Mitsubishi Lancer has surprisingly topped a car reliability league table - a list dominated by Japanese brands. The latest results from … Read More