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10 best car movies of all time

You can’t go wrong with a good car movie. Even when they’re bad, they’re still entertaining, and when they’re good, they’re amazing. There … Read More
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How to fix up your garage for working on cars

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The most common reasons your car breaks down

Cartoons always show an old car wheezing smoke as it strains to make its way over a lofty hill. Sometimes we forget that really was a problem not so … Read More
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How to fix your car’s own brakes

Whether your brakes are squeaking or the wheels won't stop spinning, fixing your brakes can be an intimidating proposition. There are lots of parts, … Read More
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The best ways to improve your car’s interior

Engine upgrades and body kits make great conversation pieces, but when you set out for a drive, your experience is determined by the materials and … Read More
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How to fix a chip in your windscreen

Have you seen what a new windshield can cost these days? If your car’s main glass is damaged, you can expect to pay upwards of £200 easily. If you … Read More
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