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John Tallodi

Automotive Journalist and Certifiable Petrolhead

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Pricey supercars and the cheaper alternatives you could buy instead

Given the choice most of us would jump at the chance of owning a brand-new supercar. The internet is filled to the brim with videos of people … Read More
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The essential guide to importing a car into the UK

There are plenty of great cars of all shapes and sizes right here on our doorstep, but every now and then you may feel the need to own a specific … Read More
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Mid-engined sportscars for the price of a Ford Fiesta

Mid-engined sports cars are that bit more special than their more conventionally laid out front-engined rivals. The setup allows for more rakish … Read More
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The truth about supercars – you are better off without one

Supercars get more coverage in magazines and on motoring websites than just about anything else with four wheels. Their stunning looks and … Read More
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Estate cars that will make you forget all about SUVs

SUVs may have dominated the sales charts in recent years, vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai and Ford Kuga regularly vie with budget hatchbacks for the … Read More
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Cars that make you look like a million bucks for less than a new Vauxhall

Most new Vauxhalls are great cars, reliable and good-looking, some models like the Mokka X and Corsa are best-sellers in their segments too. But even … Read More
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