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John Tallodi

Automotive Journalist and Certifiable Petrolhead

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Cars that would be better off going electric

Whether we like it or not the world is slowly moving towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), every major manufacturer is developing a whole raft of new … Read More
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The 1990s vs the 2010s – can nostalgia beat technological progress?

We all have fond memories of cars that either we our parents used to own back in the 1990s. Sometimes a random smell or sound will bring back mental … Read More
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10 grand tanks- big, brash and beautiful

New cars are great, they smell fresh, come with a warranty and the chances of them breaking down are remote. But when you are shopping at the lower … Read More
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Your essential fuel saving guide

Fuel prices are at an all-time high and with uncertain economic times ahead we are unlikely to see much of an improvement in the short term. While … Read More
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Retro revivals: the radical, the revolutionary and the revolting

Classic cars are big business these days, but aside from the costs associated with buying and maintaining them, they are impractical and unsafe to be … Read More
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Family-friendly convertibles for all budgets

Our hottest summer in years is drawing to a close and with it the opportunities to take to the roads in a convertible. Yet cold weather has never … Read More
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