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Lamborghini day in Japan attracts 200 Supercars

The Asia-Pacific launch of the latest Lamborghini Aventador SVJ was done in the sort of style that shows just how popular this Italian brand is in … Read More
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AutoTrader dilemma: the million pound question

Nearly new modern supercar or a decades-old classic? That is the tricky question facing today’s multi-millionaires. For this week’s armchair … Read More
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Forget peak horsepower rating: how to buy the best car

There is an old saying that goes ‘horsepower sells cars but torque wins races’, while this statement may or may not be true, most people tend … Read More
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The Idiot’s Guide to understanding Car Number Plates

There was a time when what number plate you had dictated whether you had a brand new car or not – and therefore whether you were cool or the … Read More
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Unwrapped: the best Christmas car gadget gifts

Christmas Day is almost here and car gadgets are always a good choice for the auto-fan in your family. We had a look around to find smart and cool … Read More
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Revolutionary scheme to invest in Supercar market launched

Luxury car dealership Prindiville plc is launching a mini-bond to expand its business, giving investors a rare opportunity to buy into the supercar … Read More
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