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Gareth Herincx

Freelance motoring journalist, digital editor and copywriter - ex-BBC, GMTV, ITV and MSN

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BMW 1 Series review: rearguard action

It shouldn’t be underestimated how important the 1 Series is for BMW. The hatchback accounts for one in five cars sold by the German giant. Owners … Read More
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Skoda Scala review: spacious family hatch is a winner

Skoda's new entrant in the fiercely competitive family hatchback sector has got its work cut out - its rivals include the Ford Focus, VW Golf, … Read More
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DS 3 Crossback review – just a piece of eye candy?

It's been a few years since DS Automobiles split from Citroen to become an innovative premium brand. Like its big brother, the DS 7, the DS 3 … Read More
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Mitsubishi L200 review

The latest Mitsubishi L200 is a great example of the narrowing gap between pick-up trucks and rugged SUVs. Marketed as the Series 6, the new L200 is … Read More
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Beware of lease car ‘wear & tear’ policies

Only a half of motorists who lease their car understand their 'fair wear and tear' policy, potentially costing them hundreds of pounds at the end of … Read More
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SEAT Tarraco review: Spanish seven-seater wins space race

The new seven-seater Tarraco completes SEAT's SUV line-up, slotting in above the compact Arona and mid-sized Ateca. Closely related to its VW Group … Read More
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