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Gareth Herincx

Freelance motoring journalist, digital editor and copywriter - ex-BBC, GMTV, ITV and MSN

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Toyota C-HR review: Bold next-generation SUV makes a statement

We drive the latest version of Toyota's popular C-HR family crossover - and it's a big, bold step-up... If a car could be judged purely on its … Read More
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Celebrating 30 years of the Kia Sportage

We head off for a trip down memory lane, taking all five generations of the Kia Sportage for a spin… Originally launched in 1993, the Kia … Read More
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Mercedes-AMG A45 S review: One of the best hot hatches ever

We take the Mercedes-AMG A45 S – the most powerful hot hatch on the market – for a spin… It could be argued that the concept of the ‘hot … Read More
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Lexus RX 500h review: Sporty and smooth hybrid SUV

We get behind the wheel of the sporty RX 500h - the first-ever turbocharged Lexus hybrid… The three Cs ('confidence, control and comfort') are … Read More
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Jeep Avenger review: The rufty-tufty new EV crossover

We get behind the wheel of the Avenger compact SUV - Jeep's first battery-powered vehicle... Sharing an EV platform with its Stellantis group … Read More
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Lexus LM review: The first-class cabin on wheels

We experience the epic Lexus LM luxury people carrier - from the driver's seat, and as a pampered passenger... Lexus appears to have pulled off a … Read More
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