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Down memory lane with the lost British car manufacturers

Cars have been designed and built in the UK almost as long as they have been designed and built anywhere. Over more than a century, some British … Read More
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Do you have the perfect (car) body?

In the very earliest days of motoring, the shape of a car wasn't something that designers gave much thought to. It was simply a question of arranging … Read More
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The UK’s most-registered cars by year

Frederick Simms was a fascinating man. Around the turn of the 20th century, among many other achievements, he built the world's first armoured car, … Read More
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The rise and fall of the MPV

At the turn of the 21st century it almost felt as if one day we would all be driving MPVs. Multi-Purpose Vehicles, or 'people carriers' as we used … Read More
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How electronic technology has made miracle cars

Electronic systems are among the most unloved parts of any car. When they work, nobody takes any notice of them. When they stop working, everybody … Read More
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How rear-wheel drive cars are the great motoring survivors

If any car layout could be described as classic, it would have to be the one where the engine is at the front and the driven wheels are at the … Read More
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