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Revealed: the surprising cars made in Spain

If you asked anyone to compile a list of great European car-producing nations, it's unlikely that they would think of Spain first. Compared with … Read More
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How France could win the World Cup of sporty cars

It's sometimes suggested that, while the Germans invented the car, it was the French who invented motorsport. You could spend a lifetime arguing … Read More
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The truth behind the famous cars named after people

When you create a company of any kind you have to give it a name. There are many forms of inspiration for this, but one easy choice is to use the … Read More
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Keeping it in the family with first and last generation models

Cars change more often than model names do. A large proportion of the vehicles we see on the road today have the same badge as ones built may years … Read More
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All change! The rapid development of car logos

Volkswagen announced recently that it plans to unveil a new logo in 2019, just as it starts to increase the number of electric vehicles in its … Read More
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Now you see it, now you don’t – a brief history of short-lived cars

Cars rarely stay on the market for as much as a decade without being replaced or at least thoroughly revised, but there are exceptions. One of … Read More
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