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Testing a classic: driving the iconic Porsche 356

It may seem unwise to test a valuable classic car like this immaculate Porsche 356 at a motorsport venue, but I have three good reasons. First, since … Read More
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Discovering Jaguar’s legendary XK engine

During World War II, engineers at the company which would soon change its name from SS to Jaguar worked on the design of a new engine. Known as the … Read More
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Official: the UK’s most popular SUVs

Most people with an interest in cars will be aware of the astonishing success of SUVs in the early part of the 21st century, even if they don’t … Read More
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From Slough to Maserati: Citroen centenary surprises

Despite several threats to its existence, Citroen has survived to reach its centenary in 2019. Often regarded as the quirkiest of the major French … Read More
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Celebrating 100 years of magnificent Bentley

One of the oldest car manufacturers in the UK, Bentley is celebrating its centenary in 2019. There have been periods of greatness, and times when the … Read More
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Why we should be celebrating 90 years of Ferrari

2017 was a big year for Ferrari fans. There were celebrations all round the world based on the idea that the company had reached its 70th … Read More
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