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Behind the wheels of three classic SEATs

The weather was hot, at least by the standards I’m familiar with, and the cars I was here to experience were left-hand drive and had Spanish number … Read More
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The amazing evolution of car design

Even if you accept only the latest possible date for the invention of the car and ignore all prior claims, manufacturers have had over 130 years to … Read More
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Celebrating the Mini’s legendary A-Series engine

Open the bonnet of a functioning, unmodified classic Mini and you will find a marvel of British automotive design. The A-Series engine was originally … Read More
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The 20 greatest Japanese sporting cars

In a world which was far less connected then than it is now, Japan came into the motor industry relatively late. Most of its oldest best-known car … Read More
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How Saab began 70 years ago

In 2014, the very last Saab-badged car emerged from a factory in Trollhattan, Sweden. It was one of just 420 build by the brand’s last owner, NEVS, … Read More
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Farewell to the design genius behind Jaguar’s greatest cars – and Aston Martin

After twenty years as Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum will retire on July 1 this year. Callum was born in Dumfries in 1954, and fourteen … Read More
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