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The fastest family hot hatchbacks you can buy today

So you’ve had a family and think you need to give up the hot hatch life. As before your life was overrun by little people waking you up at all … Read More
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Cool cars for cool dads

Becoming a father is a magical moment in a man's life, which usually adds a wealth of joy, new responsibility and stress to their lives. As soon as … Read More
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The very best three-door hot hatch heroes

Do you remember when the three-door hot hatch was a thing? To some of you, this simple styling attribute made a car more desirable purely as it was … Read More
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The most iconic rear wings

The subject of car design is something that causes much angst and outcry on the internet. As a car’s design can triumph or fail purely based on … Read More
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The cars you either love or hate

Thanks to the internet there is an almost endless list of for and against commentary about virtually every car. Like never before has all things … Read More
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Cars you should never buy without a warranty

There are many potential signs you’ve bought a car out of warranty that you shouldn’t have. These include cold sweats every time a check engine … Read More
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