One of the main reasons that many people decide to scrap their car is because they want to make money from it as well as get it out of their way. However, the money and the space isn’t the only benefit of having a car scrapped.

In fact, one of the main positive impacts of choosing to scrap over selling is that it is kinder to the environment; and looking after our planet is something that we all should be paying more attention to.

So, how does scrapping your old car benefit the planet? Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

It reduces carbon emissions

When a car is manufactured from scratch the process can use a huge amount of energy, however, when you scrap a car, you are creating recycled materials that can then be used in manufacturing new cars. This will save energy and will also lessen carbon emissions too. Not only this, but you also have the added benefit of knowing that your beaten up old car could one day make its way to being a brand new and sparkling car.

It protects the wildlife and their habitats

Producing cars and particularly steel smelting can be incredibly harmful to the animals which live in the surrounding areas to the manufacturing. The methods that are used in creating steel are responsible for eroded habitats and also for leaking dangerous pollutants into the environment too. Not only is this harmful to the animals, but also the plants and the soil too.

Not only this, but cars that are left to deteriorate over time, rather than being scrapped, can leak chemicals, this also can contribute towards the endangerment of local wildlife and plants.

Landfills are reduced

You only need to read the news to know that the landfills getting filled it is causing huge issues around the globe. This means that anything that we can do to try and reduce what ends up there has to be good. Scrapping cars mean that less is ending up in landfills which can only be a positive thing for the environment.

Scrapping your car is much easier than you may realise and best of all, there are a whole load of benefits to scrapping your car over selling it on or leaving it to simply degrade over time. Not only can you consider all the benefits for the environment, but you can also get some money back too.

So, if you are looking for a way to scrap your car, then why not take a look at and find out not only how easy it is to scrap your car? But also just how much money you can expect to receive if you do go ahead and scrap your car for cash.