Iconic automotive brand Hispano Suiza is back with a new state-of-the art electric vehicle.

The Spanish company, which built more than 12,000 luxury performance cars between 1904 and 1946, has created a stunning, retro cool grand tourer.

Developing some 1,000bhp, the new car (named Carmen) made its global dynamic debut on the streets of Barcelona – its home city.

With less than a year until customer deliveries begin in June 2020, the Carmen wafted past a selection of Barcelona’s architectural and design landmarks including Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, and the modern and imposing Agbar Tower.

Since its global premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, the development team has worked on a comprehensive testing and refinement programme.

The car now has an entirely new suspension system, alongside a series of weight-reduction and rigidity enhancements. The chassis development also includes crash structure optimisation with extensive use of carbon fibre enhancing performance, while shedding weight.

“We are extremely proud of our long heritage, which dates back to our beginnings on the streets of Barcelona in 1904,” said Miguel Suqué Mateu, Hispano Suiza President, great grandson of the brand’s founder.

“This legacy and the style icons of our home city made it easy to decide where the Carmen should make its global dynamic debut.”

The next stage of the Carmen’s journey takes it on a series of on-road tests in the north of Catalonia, before moving to the Ascari racing circuit for high-speed testing and handling development.