In 2019, if you want a tricked out, all singing, all dancing smartphone, then expect to pay well over a £1,000. As every year the latest and greatest devices are revealed to huge fanfare sporting a greater array of features, larger screens, a new model number and a substantial price increase over the device already in your pocket.

But there is another way… Why not get yourself a retro-inspired flip phone (because retro cool), or even do the unthinkable by actually keeping your current smartphone. All with a straightforward aim, saving the £1,000 to spend on an interesting daily driver.

Yes, you can get yourself a daily driver for a grand that’s not boring. I know, I didn’t believe it either. As for the cost of the latest smartphone and all of its grand tech advancements an interesting car could be yours for the same money.

After many hours trawling the classifieds, here are our picks for the most interesting cars you can buy for the price of a new high-end smartphone.