Passenger vehicles equipped with four-wheel-drive used to be the exception rather than the rule, if you wanted a 4WD car you would go down to your Land Rover dealer and pick something off the showroom floor. These days even small hatchbacks can be so equipped but that is usually done to overcome the traction disadvantages of powerful front-wheel-drive cars. Many SUVs also come fitted as standard with AWD but here the aim is to imbue them with at least a modicum of off-road ability.

The truth is that most won’t see terrain any harsher than the nearest shopping mall parking lot but if you are planning to head into the wilderness on your time off then there are still proper off-roaders out there that can easily cope with the rough stuff.

We have picked some of the best that are on sale today, from the most affordable to some of the priciest luxury SUVs, we have them right here.