Becoming a father is a magical moment in a man’s life, which usually adds a wealth of joy, new responsibility and stress to their lives. As soon as your offspring can walk the chances are that you will need to ferry them around to many places in pursuit of many things.

If for example, your son or daughter takes up football, horse riding, scouts or girl guides (or all of them) then you will need to drive them around everywhere. As of course, none of these activities will be near where you actually live.

Which, of course, raises the question – what is the ultimate Dad car to ferry your kids around to the hundreds of activities they do?

You could pick a humdrum SUV, or even worse an MPV. But this would likely result in you traumatising your kids once they get old enough to refuse to travel with you.

There is no reason, though, why you should pick a rubbish car. I mean, why not be a cool Dad who drives an exciting car that covers the family commitments that your kids would actually want to be seen in.

These are our picks for what we think are the ultimate cars for cool Dads everywhere.