Do you remember when the three-door hot hatch was a thing? To some of you, this simple styling attribute made a car more desirable purely as it was less practical.

But in 2019, a three-door hot hatch is a rare thing with only a handful of cars produced in this format. Why is this the case? Simple, good old fashioned bean counting.

As the task of building a special souped-up variant of a five-door hatchback with fewer doors that won’t sell in huge numbers is a costly affair. As for every hot three-door model sold, a carmaker will shift many more garden variety models with five-doors making the lesser doored model a loss leader in the sales stakes. And before you start uttering “it looked much better as a three-door,” you should remember that if every carmaker offered a three-door halo hatchback, the price of entry would be enormous.

As an example, the previous-gen Ford Focus RS was a five-door only model – much to moans of despair from hardcore fans. But if Ford had produced a lesser doored version, the fans would soon be moaning about the £50k price tag.

Here, we comb through this nearly extinct era of hot hatch history with our picks of the greatest three-door hot hatches of the modern era – including some that you can still buy.