The subject of car design is something that causes much angst and outcry on the internet. As a car’s design can triumph or fail purely based on looks alone. A part of all of this debate is the rear wing of a car, with certain designs achieving legendary status, while others remain much maligned.

Not all rear wings were designed equally though. As over the years, a number have been all show and no go with little or no functional aerodynamic effect still somehow managing to achieve iconic status among car-nuts the world over.

Others though have continued to show that science and tech are essential to the design of a car, making them faster and more agile at high-speed while doing little or nothing to enhance the visual appeal of a car.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, rear wing or no rear wing, or simple style over functionality, there is no doubt that some cars would be utterly worse off without them.

These are our picks for the most iconic rear wings ever seen.