Movie hero cars are a funny old business. As for every Bullitt Mustang and Ronin Audi S8, there is a host of reasonably humdrum four-wheeled forgotten heroes of the silver screen. Some of them are cars that us ordinary people would drive daily – you know, the ones that you don’t notice as they blend into the background. All are relatively standard cars that achieved on-screen hero status playing a pivotal role in their respective films.

For the most part, Hollywood hero cars are usually restricted to high-end exotics, muscle cars, or vehicles that just don’t exist yet. But when a film uses what we’d call a ‘normal’ car – it adds a bit more appeal as usually the car being crashed and thrashed on-screen is one that any of us could aspire to own.

As after all automotive heroes do come in all shapes and sizes, with most not costing the earth or being modified to a million horsepower.

Here are our picks for the greatest normal movie hero cars.