To the untrained eye, a majority of cars look the same. As for people that aren’t really into cars it’s difficult to tell one from another usually uttering ‘they all look the same to me.’

The thing is, a lot of cars are the same, well, underneath at least. As manufacturers have been playing the platform sharing game for decades. Some have been a bit lazy about it creating an odd looking twin of a more popular model (Mazda 121 anyone?), while others have gone all out to hide what hides beneath a supposed new model.

Why do carmakers do this?

For one straightforward reason, the cost. As developing a new car from the ground up costs an absolute fortune. However, if you already have the underpinnings and drivetrain to start with it is far cheaper to produce a new model in the knowledge that everything underneath can be re-engineered for a fraction of the price of starting from scratch.

Here we run through cars that are more related than you would think.