Let us assume that you live in the city, need to get from A to B and are averse to public transport. While the humble motor car is slowly being squeezed out of city centres it remains one of the most practical and pleasant ways of getting about town. 

Sure the traffic and parking issues can sour the experience at times, but to many that is still far preferable to the prospect of squashing into a crowded bus or tube, if it wasn’t then there would be far fewer cars on the road.

Cost is one major obstacle that prevents people from owning their own car, especially if they live in a city with ‘great public transport’ options, yet it can be far less costly than you think. 

The insurance, servicing, road tax and the annual MOT charges can be well under £1,000 for most small cars and for a similar amount you can find plenty of second-hand city cars too. 

We looked around for some of the best small city cars that won’t break the bank while still giving you the pleasure of being able to get about town without having to mingle with the masses.