At a base price of £6,995, the Dacia Sandero is still the UK’s cheapest new car. That figure undercuts most other cars by some margin but you do forego a lot of standard equipment and it is unlikely that most customers will drive out of the showroom without adding at least a few options.

Still, even in the decadent Comfort trim it which adds air-conditioning a 7-inch touchscreen and even rear parking sensors, it comes in at under £9,000. One option you won’t be able to add to your Sandero is the ability to travel long distances in comfort, it may make for a great city car but its small size and low-powered engines are not what you need on a cross country haul.

With most larger saloons and SUVs starting at many times the Sandero’s price, we have instead selected some capable used alternatives instead. The criteria had to be that they come in at under £9,000, have no more than 80,000 miles on their odometers and have an engine capacity of at least 2.0-litres. While your running costs may be a tad higher than with a Sandero, the sheer range of what is out there is quite likely to surprise you.