The proliferation of SUVs and high-riding crossovers on our roads has seen a commensurate decrease in saloons and estates as motorists move to these apparently more desirable vehicles. Yet, aside from being a bit easier to get into thanks to their raised bodywork, there is a lot not to like.

Most SUVs come with all-wheel-drive systems that will quite likely never be used but sap power, increase fuel consumption and deaden steering feel all of the time. The heavier bodyshells also dampen performance and those massive tyres not only cost more but will wear out sooner too.

So why not look at something a bit lower to the ground that offers not only a better driving experience but just as much interior space and luxury for less money? The humble estate car may not be the flavour of the month right now, but surely with so much in its favour, it’s only a matter of time before motorists return to it in their droves.

To avoid the rush, we have picked out some of the very best estates on sale at the moment.