There are a wealth of cars that offer creatures comforts in winter such as a warm heater, comfy heated seats, and a roof and a windscreen to keep out the elements. But if you’re the ‘outdoors’ type who thinks that spending a night in a tent halfway up Mount Snowdon is ‘a good time’, then a normal car with a roof and windscreen is not for you.

Instead, your daily transportation needs require something a bit more barren – something that will allow you to embrace the elements full on. Cars of this type are rare for obvious reasons, and a bit mad, I mean why would you want the entire world in your face at 70mph on a daily basis?

Because a car without a windscreen or a roof represents the ultimate in driving experiences. As F1 drivers don’t get a windscreen and they enjoy what they do… Except for Kimi of course. All of the elements, and the speed and fury, right in your face leaving you nowhere to hide when blasting down a B-road or around a racetrack.

These are our picks for the maddest cars ever built without a windscreen