Bigger, better faster, that has been the mantra of the motor industry since the Benz Patent Motor Wagen first stuttered into life back in 1886. 

The first few decades of the automobile were filled with ‘firsts’ simply because every design was breaking new ground, pushing the limits of what was possible at the time. 

Innovation didn’t stop as the car matured and we continue to see manufacturers constantly striving to reach new highs, but the nature of the achievements has changed. We now look to perfect what is already out there rather than introduce completely new technologies.

The human element should not be forgotten either as many of these firsts require the bravery (or foolishness) of the person behind the wheel to achieve. To reflect this, our selection of motoring firsts includes an eclectic mix from all areas of the motoring world, some obvious milestones in our continual aim to improve on what came before, others less so.