Thanks to a variety of factors, classic cars have become rather popular in recent years. Everything from tired old saloons to sleek sports cars have been rising in value but one simple fact hasn’t changed, and that is that old cars need a lot of maintenance if you don’t want to be left broken down on the side of the road.

With the market now catering for a younger generation of classic car buyers who are more interested in spending their weekends in their cars than under them, this can be a sticking point.

Until now that is, the push towards electrification in modern cars has ‘trickled’ down into the classic car scene too, from professional mega-pound conversions to far more affordable DIY packages, the days of trying to source some obscure engine part for your classic ride may well be at an end.

Are these retro EVs the ultimate combination of modern convenience and classic styling or does removing their oily bits defeat the whole purpose of buying a classic car? Before you decide, take a look at what some of these companies have on offer.