Fatherhood is quite possibly one of the toughest challenges any man can face in his lifetime, from the early days of midnight nappy changes to the tearful but proud day their child moves out of home, the ride is fraught with unexpected perils and trials no one can know beforehand.

Chief among them is the need to chop in that sporty little car that was such an integral part of life before the kids arrived. Some dads try to hold on to that last vestige of their carefree past for a bit longer, vainly trying to squeeze a baby seat into their two-door sports car for the school run, but in the end the reality of driving around with a pram sticking out the boot forces a change.

If you grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s then your dad also had some rather choice saloons and hatchbacks to choose from, vehicles that are now becoming increasingly rare and sought-after. Had he kept them, they may be worth a fair bit more than today than they were back in the day. 

We take a look at some of dad’s cars that we wish he would have kept, not all are priceless classics either, some are just cool older cars that bring back fond memories of a time when SUVs didn’t exist and all electric cars did was deliver the milk.