As the long-driving season is coming, it is time to check the technical condition of your car and the presence of an emergency kit in it. There are things that pro drivers never leave, however far they are planning to ride. These are various objects from a car battery trickle charger to moist napkins and they must cover all types of situations where you could be stranded

The must-have items can be put into two groups: basic and secondary gear.

Basic Emergency Equipment

These are things any driver must have safely stored in the trunk (or another accessible place) at any time:

  • Fire extinguisher – heavy and unsightly, this thing might save lives. Make sure you learn how to use it before you might need to.
  • First aid kit – make sure the contents correspond to the current regulations of the place you are in. Check the expiration terms, too.
  • Roadside signs – should you come into a mishap on the road or nearby, the fluorescent triangle will warn other drivers about the car stranded ahead.
  • Spare tire –  hideous spikes and bolts tend to accumulate on the curbs and get into the tires. Make sure your backup tire is whole and inflated.
  • Carjack – from old school metal models to the newest electric and inflatable ones, the car jack is the tool to have in any car.
  • Wheel wrench – having a car jack and a spare tire is a good backup. Yet, it is completely useless if you don’t have the tool to unscrew and screw the tire’s bolts and nuts!
  • Battery charging device – the choice is wide: from old good maintenance-free jumper cables to the techie-bound 7-stage smart battery charger and even additional power bank. The versatile smart charger might become invaluable in a stranded situation if it has an option of charging your smartphone.

Additional Emergency Equipment

You might drive for years without having these objects – and without needing them. Still, they might turn out to provide a solution in the emergency or at least, make it much more comfortable for you:

  • Oil, coolant, and water – even the brand-new cars happen to spend liquids faster than the driver would expect. As for the water, it might serve for both the car and driver.
  • Tow rope – should a major breakage happen in your car, you won’t regret having this item packed somewhere near the spare tire seat. Helping other drivers in an emergency is also a “plus”.
  • Tool kit – the tools might come in handy anytime, even in a non-driving situation.
  • Towels – there is a vast application field for this item, from wiping the front screen to marking the baggage projecting beyond your car dimensions. Paper towels will solve many problems, too.
  • Flashlight – keep it separately from its batteries’ pack. Having a rechargeable flashlight is a great option for the car.
  • Duct tape – fix a detached piece of anything to anything. There are plenty of moments to use it.
  • Protection light-reflecting clothes – having a high-vis windbreaker with the fluorescent stripes will help you be safe and comfortable on the road. A cap with a long visor will protect your eyes and head in the burning sun.