Naturally aspirated cars are becoming a rarity these days, the need for more low-end torque to push along increasingly heavier crossovers and SUVs has seen turbocharged engines taking over. 

The comparatively better fuel economy figures of turbo engines have also seen them introduced into the lower end of the market too, although exactly how much better that efficiency really is, remains a contentious issue. 

Sports cars have by and large moved over to forced induction, the massive increase in torque over a naturally aspirated motor gives them serious acceleration capabilities but they do have some shortcomings too. 

Throttle response, engine sound and high-rev performance all favour the naturally aspirated engine and, done right, they can be every inch as effective as a turbocharged engine.

To prove the point, we have selected some of the best naturally aspirated cars that you can still buy today as well as some modern classics that rewrote the rulebooks.