Sticking the engine in the middle of a car is considered to be the ideal packaging solution if sharp handling is your topmost priority. If interior or boot space is a concern, then you are better off with a traditional front-engined setup. Unsurprisingly, such an impractical and expensive layout has made the mid-engined car an expensive rarity, reserved for uncompromising sports cars that only care about one thing, speed.

Some more attainable mid-engined offerings have also popped up in recent years too, while they may not have mega-horsepower V8 and V12 engines, the beauty of a mid-engined car is its ability to deliver a great driving experience without having to resort merely to crushing straight-line acceleration.

Here we cover some of the best midship machines out there from those pricey exotics to more reasonably priced sports cars and finally a handful of offerings that can be found for not much more than a family hatchback.