Sports cars across all segments are experiencing something of a golden age at the moment, never has there been more choice and variety on offer. This is good news when it comes to the second-hand market too, there are plenty of great models to choose from and they aren’t all hard-riding two-door, two-seater vehicles either. The popularity of sporty models means that you can have both practicality and speed in one package too.

We have picked a variety of great used buys that range from entry-level hot hatches to once priceless supercars that are now within reach to a far broader audience. While there are always going to be a few perennial favourites here, we have also added a couple of less obvious options that dish up plenty of excitement at very palatable prices.

With nearly-new cars starting at around the £10,000-mark and going up to just over the £100,000 point, there is bound to be something here for just about every taste.