Enzo Ferrari started of manufacturing race cars back in 1937, he ventured into road cars ten years later, but the core of the brand has always been its dedication to racing.

This has always been apparent in its road-legal products too, from the earliest days the engine was the heart of every Ferrari and this remains true to its very latest offerings too. Enzo Ferrari was always adamant that the road car business was there to support the racing and not the other way around, this set the scene for some ground-breaking sports cars that set the standards for everyone else to follow.

The current range of road-going V8 and V12 supercars are still the benchmark by which competitors are judged, but is Ferrari still the king of the supercars or are its rivals finally producing challengers that can match or even eclipse its achievements? We take a look at some of these competitors and their machines to see whether the days of Ferrari dominance are coming to an end.