The best-selling car of 2018 was the humble Ford Fiesta, with a total of 95,892 registrations it outsold the second-placed VW Golf by a staggering 31,000 units. That is a big margin, but then again, the Fiesta is a significantly less expensive vehicle, being more of a competitor with the smaller VW Polo price-wise (which it outsold by an even bigger margin)

Still, not many new cars can be considered cheap these days, while you can find a poverty-spec Fiesta for around £14,000, it is also quite possible to keep ticking the boxes until you drive off with a car costing twice as much, not that many people are likely to do that.

For that sort of cash, though, a whole lot of desirable nearly-new crossovers and SUVs come into view, vehicles that will not only do the daily commute just as well as the Fiesta but can also make for a great holiday car both on and off the beaten track. 

To that end, an all-wheel-drive layout and raised ride height are a bare minimum to qualify for our list, the vehicles also have to cost no more than a new Ford Fiesta. So, read on to see whether there is a 4×4 out there that could pry you away from your favourite hatchback…