It is common knowledge that new cars suffer from massive depreciation and buying a three to five-year-old car can often yield big financial savings. Reliability at that age is usually no issue, most cars need nothing more than regular servicing so unless you buy a lemon your running costs should remain reasonable too.

But what if you don’t have the cash to buy a nearly new car, is it worth buying something even older or is it a false economy that will cost you more in the end? We decided to see if we could find a selection of vehicles that could take on the rigours of the daily grind but cost no more than £5,000, were less than 7-years of age and had covered less than 60,000 miles

That is why you won’t be finding any rusty old V8 convertibles in our list, to qualify these cars must not only be economical and reliable but also be practical enough to cater for a variety of needs. Despite these limitations, you may be surprised by just how many good quality used vehicles there are out there, and all for less than half the price of a bare-bones city car. Let the saving begin.