Just the name ‘Grand Tourer’ is enough to set one’s imagination off on a fun-filled journey across Europe, scything along smooth motorways at speed in something big and ostentatious. The reality for most of us though is a dreary trudge through rush hour traffic behind the wheel of a modern yet uninspiring family car.

That need not be the case though, one great thing about big and ostentatious cars is that they depreciate faster than they accelerate. So, that hundred-thousand-pound luxury car you couldn’t afford yesterday is now a total attainable weekend car.

To prove the point, we picked some of the best Grand Tourers out there that cost no more than £10,000. In general, a GT is defined as a powerful vehicle capable of completing long distances in comfort, the typical body style is that of a coupe but to expand our options (and include the family) we have included a few worthy saloons too. So, forget the fuel bills and running costs and just think for a moment how much better that imaginary trip to the south of France would be if you were doing it in one of these classy rides.