A ‘best of’ list is by its very nature a compromised mix of objective and subjective factors tinged with the tastes of the person compiling that list. When it comes to a list as vast and multi-faceted as the most iconic German cars ever built there are undoubtedly going to be a few controversial choices.

One thing that is for certain though is that Germany has been hugely influential in the motor industry, aside from actually inventing the car in the first place there has been a continuous stream of technically advanced and historically significant vehicles from a variety of German manufacturers.

To make our list each entry must have made a significant impact on the motor industry either through introducing new technologies or by dominating its segment. With 134-years of motor cars to choose from and a number of worthy motor manufacturers, the list could easily have run into triple digits, but after much consideration, we have whittled it down to what we felt were the best of the lot.