In every single year, automotive technology moves forward at an exponential rate further blurring the lines of what we thought previously impossible. For the most part, many tech ‘breakthroughs’ usually leave us disappointed, by never becoming a reality, or even worse being finally made available in a watered-down format.

As the world learned last year, you will one day be able to buy a 250mph EV, and if you really want, a Chevrolet with no driver controls at all. But as the automotive world moves into 2019, it, as always, brings with it the promise of new technology emerging at a never before seen rate of advancement.

This advancement is backed up by a report from CB Insights who claim 2019 will see huge advances in automotive tech in all areas from advanced vehicle communications, to the way we build and buy cars, or if we should even own them at all.

Here, we run through what we think you could see coming to automotive tech in the next twelve months, along with a few things you may have to wait a little longer for.