The McLaren 720S Spider has just been added to the Super Series range and the company claims that it is their most accomplished convertible supercar ever.

Looking at the bare statistics we do not doubt it, the electrically operated retractable hard top adds a mere 108 pounds to the 720S coupe’s kerb weight, thanks in part to an extremely stiff carbon fiber shell that needed no additional strengthening.

This has helped make the 720S Spider the lightest convertible in its class and the fractional weight gain means acceleration figures for the 710 bhp 4.0-litre twin-turbo supercar match its hardtop sibling. 

So, you still reach 62 mph in a super-quick 2.9-seconds and can hit 212 mph on your nearest Autobahn. If you prefer to drive with the top down then that terminal velocity is lowered to a paltry 202 mph.

Those figures were the preserve of hypercars not that long ago and this convertible supercar is even quick enough to see off the most iconic of all McLarens, the fabled F1.