If your local weather is harsh during the winter, prepping your car might be necessary for it to continue functioning. Cold weather takes a toll on all machinery, including vehicles. Nobody wants their car to break down or get stuck in a snowstorm. During this time of the year, check-ups and replacements are pretty common. Snow can get slippery and cars run out of essential fluids. If you plan on driving when it’s cold out, you might want to check out some of these pointers.

1. Maintenance

If you’re like most people, your car’s manual is sitting in the glove compartment. It’s probably been there for quite a while. Now is the perfect time to use it, as it contains lots of useful information regarding your vehicle. One of the more important things to find out is how often your car should be taken to the shop for maintenance. Keeping up with regular maintenance schedules is important for avoiding more costly issues down the road.

Check the manual and schedule a maintenance appointment. Several things will be checked out. Things like your cooling system, brakes, suspension and drivetrain are among them. Once the check-up is done, make sure you start using the best oil and fluids from then on. Think long term and you’ll be visiting the shop less often.

2. Check the tyres

As you might expect, tyres are one of the more commonly checked items on a car. They are constantly under stress due to being the one contact between your vehicle and the rough touch of the road. To function correctly, they have to be properly inflated at all times. This is so they can have optimal traction while on the road; a handy attribute when winter rolls around.

The air pressure has likely dropped due to the temperature also dropping. Cold weather can do that to tyres. One pound per square inch of pressure is lost when the temperature drops ten degrees. You have to check where the pressure is at now. Tyres usually have a recommended pressure. Using your manual, you can deduce where to go from there.

3. A good cleaning

Your vehicle builds up a lot of dirt and dust while you’re out driving. Even driving exclusively on the road won’t rid it of buildup. The insides are no different. Everything requires the occasional scrub, and that should go double for your car during winter. Everyone likes having a clean vehicle, it shows that you appreciate the car and it’s more pleasant than driving in a mess.

You can do a lot of the cleaning at home, but that can be a difficult endeavor. You might not have all the necessary cleaning products and it’s quite the time sink. A good alternative would be to get it cleaned professionally. Perhaps you don’t want to wait a long time at a carwash for this. If you prefer convenience, there are mobile apps like Schmicko mobile carwash that might be more suited for cleaning your car.

4. Taking care of snow

When it comes to cold weather, things like tyre pressure aren’t the only thing to worry about. Snow is more than just a great thing to make snowmen with. It’s also a hindrance when you want to drive. Even if your tyres are doing well, you’ll experience a lot of sliding and trouble getting on the move. You might find it more convenient to get some snow tyres for the winter season.

You can use them temporarily, at least until the snow levels become manageable, and then you switch back to your old ones. When shopping around for snow tyres, you need to keep in mind the variety of fees that might come with them, for things like mounting and balancing. Ask a store for the “out the door” price, if possible.


When the cold season comes around, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. It might be a hassle to get all of these things done while it’s cold out, but it has to be done. If you value your car, you’ll take the necessary measures to prevent it from breaking down in the snow.