Given their almost ubiquitous presence among today’s rich and famous, it’s hard to think that the Lamborghini story almost came to an abrupt end in the 80s. But thanks to a series of highly impressive supercar releases, starting from the Diablo in 1990 all the way to their most recent flagship model the Hurácan, Lamborghini has managed to claw its way from the brink of extinction to become many a superstar’s go-to supercar.

Today, everyone from hip-hop royalty Kanye West and Mariah Carey to elite athletes Cristiano Ronaldo and Lebron James have been spotted out and about in their glamourous Lambos.

Accessing Supercars

That having been said, one no longer needs a mega star’s fortune to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. With specialised car rental companies, such as the Donington-based Supercar Hire, it has now become easier and more affordable than ever before to hire a Lamborghini Hurácan Spyder.

Dhiva Krishna / Unsplash

Owing to their cutting-edge design and engineering, Lamborghinis never fail to impress. This makes hiring a Hurácan an ideal treat to surprise loved ones on special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries and milestone birthdays. Wherever someone pulls up in a Hurácan, it is guaranteed to turn heads and drop jaws.

What It’s Like To Drive A Lambo

Slipping into a Hurácan feels like stepping into a stealth-fighter’s cockpit. This supercar even comes complete with a fighter-plane style switch to fire up the naturally aspirated V10 engine. Inside, passengers are treated to a distinctive hexagon-inspired design and a mix of Alcantara and fine Nappa leather upholstery. The convertible Hurácan Spyder model also features a triple-layer soft top that folds away in a cool 17 seconds.

Drew Stock / Unsplash

Furthermore, the Huracan’s improved drivability and handling out on the road makes it an exceptional car to take out for a scenic country drive or epic European road trip. Featuring Lamborghini’s signature ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence Management) technology, this supercar is easily optimisable for different road conditions.

The Different Modes

The Hurácan’s Strada driving mode gives the driver greater stability and traction, making it ideal for those longer road journeys. Sport mode orients the vehicle to rear-wheel drive, allowing for more oversteer. And for the racing enthusiasts who wish to chase this supercar’s 201 mph top speed, the Corsa mode maximises the Hurácan’s racing-style performance delivering an altogether more aggressive and visceral driving experience.


Driving a Lamborghini has always been an unparalleled motoring pleasure and the Hurácan is no exception. Thankfully, through supercar rental companies and supercar clubs, it is now within anyone’s reach to take this masterpiece of Italian automotive engineering out for their very own glamourous supercar adventures.