Most people assume that classic Porsche prices have risen to such a degree that they are all out of budget. Certainly, some models have become so expensive that they are destined to spend their remained years being trailered from one auction to the next, changing hands for ever-increasing amounts.

Yet there are still plenty of great cars out there that are not only affordable but can be bought for the same sort of money as you would spend on a new luxury car. We have picked a cross-section of new Audis to prove our point, from the basic A1 right up to the range-topping R8 sports car, each representing a price-point at which a range of interesting classic Porsches are on offer.

Comparing a brand new car that comes with a warranty and the latest safety and tech devices to a classic sports car is not the point here, but the next time you head to your nearest dealer for a new car, remember that for the same kind of outlay, you could be driving home in a classic Porsche instead.