The used car market can be a treasure trove of great deals, get it wrong though and it can also be the beginning of an endless pit of expenses. To maximise the former and minimize the latter we have selected some of the best fast and fun cars that can be had for under £5,000.

That is around half the price of the cheapest new car you can buy these days and even if you need to put a bit of money into servicing and maintenance, you are still going to be way better off financially. And that’s before taking into account the catastrophic depreciation that affects every new vehicle this side of a limited-edition supercar.

We have stuck to cars that offer a great driving experience but can still be used as daily-drivers if required. They range from two-seater roadsters to family saloons but the common thread (aside from the super-low prices) is that they can all put a smile on your face with one press of the accelerator pedal.