We live in a throwaway society where the best thing to own is always the next one. Planned obsolescence may be built into a lot of products but in the motoring world, cars are actually far more robust and better built than they were in the past.

Electronic systems are far more reliable than ever before, rustproofing, body paint and material quality have all moved on over the years to the point where even most entry-level hatchbacks are way ahead of mid-range luxury saloons from a decade ago. Despite this, we see regular facelifts, updates and incremental improvements designed to entice motorists into the latest models.

The average age of the cars on the UK’s roads is around 8-years, with the average mileage covered each year falling just below the 8,000-mile mark. That means that most cars have a little over 64,000-miles on their odometers before they are consigned to the dump.