There are plenty of motor manufacturers that have resurrected an old model name from their back catalogue and stuck it on the back of a modern car to try and milk the nostalgia value. Some, like the new Mini, have been a roaring success, while others like the revitalized Beetle have been less so.

Wouldn’t it be nice though to see some of these classics reimagined for the modern age but without losing the essence of what made these cars so great in the first place. We aren’t opposed to electric power or modern electronics but there is little point in totally reengineering a car and just sticking a name on it. Some have such iconic lines that the changes could be limited to the running gear and interior alone.

We picked a few of our favourite classics that were great in their day and imagined what they would be like if their manufacturers were to offer them as refreshed models today, not necessarily as cutting-edge new cars but something more in the vein of the Jaguar E-Type Zero, a vehicle that manages to combine the best elements of both the past and the present.