Whether we like it or not the world is slowly moving towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), every major manufacturer is developing a whole raft of new electric-powered models over the coming years and some have even done electric conversions on older cars too. While some petrolheads will want to hang onto their petrol-powered relics, there are plenty of internal combustion engines (ICE) that are best left consigned to the history books.

From creaky old classic cars that break down with monotonous regularity to stinky diesels that leave a cloud of smoke in their wake, the ICE is not always the best option around. That big old SUV with its gas-guzzling V8 would make far more sense as a daily driver with a silent electric motor under its bonnet.

Some older cars that are in otherwise great condition may be one MOT away from the scrap heap thanks to their polluting engines and even newer diesels may find themselves banned from city centres before long, so in an attempt to breathe new life into some of our favourite (and not so favourite) cars, we have selected the worthiest candidates for a full EV transplant.