We all have fond memories of cars that either we our parents used to own back in the 1990s. Sometimes a random smell or sound will bring back mental images of a special trip or a particular experience with a favoured car. As far as our rose-tinted memories are concerned, those two-decade-old vehicles are head and shoulders above any modern equivalent you care to mention.

Sure, advances in technology have moved the game on when it comes to safety and convenience features but when did a fancy touchscreen and automatic wipers become the yardstick by which cars are measured?

Surely the more involving and honest driving experience of a ‘90s car will outlast the fashion-conscious modern marvels? To settle the matter, we decided to match up some of the most popular family and sports cars from the 1990s with their modern equivalents. We compared them not on how many driving aids they had but rather which one we would prefer to own and drive.