New cars are great, they smell fresh, come with a warranty and the chances of them breaking down are remote. But when you are shopping at the lower end of the market you will also have to settle for a small engine, tiny interior and not a whole lot in the way of luxury and convenience features.

Add in the massive depreciation that affects all out-of-the-box automotive purchases and that new car shine starts to lose a bit of its lustre. Don’t lose hope just yet, we are here to tell you that for as little as £10,000 (the same as a bare-bones city car) you can be cruising around in a luxurious saloon or SUV. From sensible diesel four-door family cars to ostentatious V8-powered SUVs, there is a well-appointed range-topper from yesterday’s automotive catalogue that is just waiting for you.

There may not be the security of a comprehensive warranty and the leather may be a bit worn in places, but hey, at least you will actually have leather. Most luxury cars tend to suffer horrendous depreciation in their first few years, but our 10 grand tanks are well past that phase and now they offer (potentially) superb value for the savvy buyer. And if something big does go wrong, it may still cost you less compared to the depreciation of a new car.