Our hottest summer in years is drawing to a close and with it the opportunities to take to the roads in a convertible. Yet cold weather has never really stopped us from driving around with the top down. After all, the UK still tops the convertible and roadster sales lists compared to any European country you care to mention. Even the warm ones.

Something that greatly extends the usability of a convertible is a set of rear seats. Justifying a drop top to your better half that can also do the school run or a big shop is always going to be an easier task than one that only has space for two. Happily, there are some rather excellent four-seater convertibles out there and we have picked some of the very best.

You may never need to travel thousands of miles in your drop top but we have a few here that can crush continents in a single day. If your commute is mostly city-based there are plenty of frugal and fun convertibles to choose from. And if you are worried about having to give up your two-seater sports car thrills, then you may want to take a look at our sporty four-seaters that are every bit as sporty as their less practical counterparts.