We’re heading towards the point where this kind of article will be impossible to write, because the sub-£10,000 car will have become a thing of the past.

As recently as five years ago, there were Ford Fiestas and Vauxhall Corsas with list prices of under £10,000. Today, there are not. This is partly because prices generally go up, but partly also because Ford and Vauxhall have abandoned the cheaper versions.

It’s not that these companies are trying to squeeze every last penny out of the customer. It’s that the customers don’t want those cars, often because they can get a much higher specification for only a small increase in monthly payments. If the demand isn’t there, why bother to supply it?

However, the continued existence of city cars and budget brands means that there are still a few cars left with price tags in four figures. We present them here in ascending order of lowest on-the-road list price. The prices are the ones made available by the manufacturers to the public, and do not include customer bonuses or any other kind of special offer.