Cars have been used in movies for decades, some are entirely forgettable while others become the focal point of the entire show. Whether they are a savvy product placement by a motor manufacturer or simply a model chosen for some unique trait, movie cars of all shapes and sizes can develop a massive fan following.

Some become cult classics just because they appeared in a particular feature film, they don’t all have to be heavily modified either, entirely stock production models often rise to stardom simply by being the daily driver of a popular movie star.

There are of course plenty of desirable star cars that only share the most superficial of similarities with their donor cars, equipped with rocket boosters and other fantastical pieces of kit, they too can sometimes eclipse the human actors that are supposed to be the stars of the show.

While there are many hundreds of deserving candidates, for our list we decided to focus on cars that really stood out with fans and have remained popular for years after their respective movies have aired.