Mid-engined sports cars are that bit more special than their more conventionally laid out front-engined rivals. The setup allows for more rakish designs and the layout also has its dynamic benefits. That’s why Formula 1 cars have their engines right in the middle, see.

Lots of supercars use this layout too and even Ford makes a mid-engined supercar: it is called the GT and costs about as much as a house. No, not one in London but its estimated £300,000 price tag will buy you something nice almost anywhere else in the UK.

Ford also makes the Fiesta: it is well-priced but you may be surprised to hear that not even the zippy ST is mid-engined. ‘What if we could find a mid-engined car that cost the same as a Fiesta?’, asked no one in particular. After much consternation we devised a cunning solution to this conundrum.

Prepare to be amazed by our selection of (used) mid-engined sportscars that cost no more than a (highly optioned) new Ford Fiesta. Just for fun we also threw in a few ultra-cheapies that undercut even the cheapest Fiesta by thousands of pounds.