Supercars get more coverage in magazines and on motoring websites than just about anything else with four wheels. Their stunning looks and off-the-charts performance figures make for some good reading. But what you don’t get told about are all of the compromises you have to make if you actually attempt to drive one.

Sure, the exhilaration of experiencing the full-bore acceleration of a turbocharged V12 mega-horsepower machine is motoring nirvana, but when will you actually get to do that? Handling too may be all sorts of amazing but try to explore the limits of grip in an urban setting and you will soon find yourself either in jail or the nearest hedge. Now these are first-world problems after all but they are worth knowing about, especially if you are just about to head down to your nearest supercar dealer.

Now if you still have an irrational need to own one (and who doesn’t) we also have a few supercar suggestions that minimize these inevitable compromises.